Media Campaign Against Women Defamation Launched by PFAA

Baghdad: PFAA

Coinciding with the launch of the propaganda campaigns for the early elections to be held next October, we noted the launch of smear, misinformative and defaming campaigns targeting many female candidates, for political and social purposes and others related to male domination of society, as well as prevailing social norms and traditions.

Therefore, it is our human and moral duty to deter these campaigns, whether organized or spontaneous, motivated by bullying or through masculine tendencies, in order to reduce them and thwart all or some of their objectives.

Based on our social responsibilities, we launch our campaign (Eliminating the campaigns of offense and defamation of women candidates for the next qualifying Electoral Round), under the slogan “# Nomination_is a_Right and Women_Decision-Makers), for all female candidates and to protect them from Insult, defamation, libel, slander and stabbing.

We call on all the competent media Institutions, civil society organizations and all supporters and believers in the most efficient women’s representation in parliament to engage in the campaign, to confront all cases of bullying, defamation, to push the democratic process towards the right direction, and to address the devastation it has suffered, since the nomination stage through electoral propaganda till the announcement of the results

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