Photojournalist Granted a Forced Leave in Basara


The “management” of al-Mirbad Media Foundation granted a compulsory leave to photographer and video editor, Sajjad Ali Jassim who was prevented from entering the building, on Monday, after a series of layoffs and forced dismissals, following an incident of illegal getting hold of the administration.

Sajjad told the Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq that he headed to his work ; the Radio on Monday morning and was surprised to be prevented by the Receptionist from entering the building, according to instructions issued by Al-Mirbad administration to prevent him from entering, pointing out that one of the employees had informed Sajjad that he had been granted an oral compulsory leave, under the pretext of a new financial crisis experienced by the institution.

Sajjad said the administration has banned him from the organization’s networking groups for distributing daily orders, which is an indication of his dismissal, pointing out that the administration did not pay him his financial dues for the current month.

Last month, al-Mirbad’s administration dismissed 11 journalists, most of whom worked between editors and reporters, after the new administration illegally took over the institution.

Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq condemns the experience of the fellow photographer, and the measures taken by the Mirbad administration against its employees which are a clear violation of the principles of journalistic and media work in the country.

The association also calls on the current radio administration to stop arbitrarily dismissal of journalists, because of their work with the previous administration, to take into account the circumstances experienced by journalists during their work over the past period, and in the context of dangerous situations, and to take proper administrative measures in the event of dismissal, by paying their financial dues and informing them beforehand allowing them to secure alternative employment.

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