REGA channel correspondent attacked in Erbil


Butan Najat, Correspondent for Rega Channel in Erbil has undergone an attack by anonymous military men in crowded AlIskan Street; the media man was showered with fire and then severely beaten and abused.

In a statement to Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq, Najat said that he was driving through the busy road at about 8:30pm last Wednesday, he was disturbed by an anonymous Range Rover vehicle that held no plates, where two men directed their weapons at his face, he tried to trespass them but the jam prevented him from doing so; the two men came down along with their weapons and released gunfire over the car. Then they attacked Najat by beating, insulting and abusing him. His face was bruised, as he was confirming that he had no aggressive attitude against anyone, but that he links the incident with the nature of political programs that he presents through Rega.

At the time that Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq severely condemns repeated attacks and assaults that KRG media workers are suffering in front of the security forces, it considers this action and the like as grave violations and a clear terror conduct against the pens and voices of the media, under the current situation in KRG.

The association demands a clear explanation from KRG concerning its careless attitude towards these aggressions; since most of the assaults are carried out by anonymous militants in shaded vehicles, and some attacks are even carried out in broad day light. The association presses upon the urgency of holding those responsible for adopting this muzzling media policy accountable and put an end to the press family bloodshed in KR.




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