Journalist viciously murdered in Duhouk


Security forces found the body of Widat Hussein Ali, correspondent for Ruz News that is close to PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party) at 2:30 pm on the main road that links Seimeil Area with Duhouk, shortly after being abducted early on Saturday morning by an anonymous group.

The photos that were taken of the victim, born in 1988, expose being severely tortured before the killing.

His colleague, Salah Khader, told Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq that his friend was abducted at 7:30 am of the same day, by two masked civil attire persons, from Malta Area in Duhouk. He added that KRG security forces asked Widat to leave work at the Agency but he refused to do so, and he accused PKK to be responsible for the murder.

The Association condemns the crimes against the press in KRG, and demands that president Masuod Barazni takes action to stop this attitude. At the same time the association calls on international organizations to hold investigations into such incidents after it asked the investigative sides in the region but no response was received.

The association considers the incident a serious violation to the freedoms ensured by the constitution and international conventions.

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