Press attacked for MOD Conference Chaos


Chaos that was raised today by the tribe of Minister of Defense, Khalid Alubaidi, in Mansour Hotel in Baghdad, resulted in attacking a number of journalists and media cadres who were on duty and covering the conference. Among those attacked were Leaks News correspondent, Najam Abdulzahra, Turkmen Eli Correspondent, cameraman of Rashid Channel, Ali Fadhil, and Alhadath correspondent, Wisam Albayati.

Our colleagues were driven out of the hall, hit and abused. People from Alubeid tribe are to be held responsible for these attacks that were totally unexpected.

At the time that Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq condemns the mentioned attacks against the media family on Saturday, it holds the Minister of Defense and heads of his tribe accountable and the incident should be investigated. The associations warns from continuing attacks against journalists and considers the incident a black mark against the Minister who has organized this conference. The incident highlights the ongoing risks that Iraqi press is subjected to during duty.


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