Cameraman killed at Khazer KRG


On Sunday, cameraman of Kurdistan TV satellite channel Mustafa Saeed was killed during PKK attack against Daash in Khazer pivot that lies about 50 KM far from Erbil. Heiman Nanikly was injured during to ongoing battles. Shimzen Stony, Newsroom Manager at the same channel confirmed the martyrdom of his colleague during a statement for Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq on duty while covering the battles on site. It is to be mentioned that Nanikly is a war cameraman who has covered many battles in several areas including Khazer, near Mosul.

Related, Rudaw staff was exposed to shelling by Daash resulting in material casualties and losses in vehicles.

Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq expresses its condolences towards the incident and wishes for safety for all other journalists in Rudaw media network. It calls on all media bodies to secure transportation for their cadres including that with PKK.

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