Thunder flash attack on Khaniqin journalist

An attack executed by unidentified persons was carried out in Khaniqin on journalist Amir Ali’s house. The thunder flash attack took place in Arkwazy Taza area to the east of Diyala in Khaniqin area. Amir Ali, who works for Iraq Oil Report journal told Press Freedom Advocacy Association that the attack resulted in no casualties. Eyewitnesses said two men were involved, one placed the bomb near my home’s wall whilst the other was riding a motorcycle, after detonation Asayesh forces approached and people gathered.
At the time that Press Freedom Advocacy Association condemns the attack, it considers the attack a severe violation and a sign of the dangerous environment that folds freedom of expression in the country that has been ensured by the Iraqi constitution and International conventions. Accountability and thorough investigation is demanded to control such actions and prevent them in the future.

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