Qalaa victims rescue banned from coverage in Salah al-Din


The administration of Salah al-Din hospital prevented various media cadres from covering the bombing event of the Qalaa Restaurant, which took place on Wednesday .

correspondent of the Association for press freedom advocacy association in Iraq said that reporters and photographers of various media were surprised, as they went to the hospital to pick up the moment of arrival of the injured and victims, to prevent the hospital management from filming or entering the hospital building. The incident was witnessed by Dr. Omar Alsaidaly Director General of Salah al-din Health Directorate in the Province. Photographs were only permitted after security elements interfered for the favor of coverage.

Preventing journalists from covering an event is a clear constitutional violation and a violation of the constitutionally guaranteed freedoms of journalistic work stipulated in article 38 of the Constitution.

The Association, condemning the irresponsible behavior of the Salah al-Din Hospital and the DG of health of the province, calls on the Ministry of Health to hold accountable, those who have violated the constitution and who have issued orders to prevent journalists from covering the event.

The association calls on the executive officials of the state to deal professionally and ethically with the media cadres, in accordance with the Constitution.


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