Subul Alsalam Radio Correspondent Detained in Dhi Qar


Dhi Qar Police detained a reporter of Subul Alsalam Radio, while covering the fire incident at the Nasiriyah Teaching Hospital in the Province.

“The Dhi Qar police arrested Safaa al-Kanani when he was on a press mission to cover the fire, which broke out at al-Hussein Teaching Hospital on Tuesday evening in the center of the province” a radio worker told the Press Freedom Advocacy  Association in Iraq.

Safaa al-Kanani went to al-Hussein hospital, which is near his home, to film the first moments of the fire that hit the hospital late Tuesday night.

At  the time that  the Press Freedom Advocacy  Association in Iraq condemns the detention of fellow journalist Safaa al-Kanani, which is a clear violation of the principles of the constitution, it confirms the government’s tendency to suppress the freedom of journalism.

The association also calls on the security services in Dhi Qar to stop detaining journalists for reporting the events, on charges of performing their professional duties, and observing the standards of press and media freedom in Iraq.

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