AlNahrawan Protest banned from coverage by Security Forces


Security forces prevented the staff of AlHurra Iraq and AlTaghyir channels from covering a protest in Nahrawan late Friday.

Al-Hurra Iraq correspondent Ahmed al-Rassam told the Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq that he was on a press mission to cover the demonstrations that erupted in the Nahrawan area to demand better services, and was surprised that the federal police officers prevented him and the staff of al-Taghyir channel from coverage, adding that police detained the journalists on site but the intervention of protesters who talked to the security forces granted them release from the square.

The  Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq condemns the denial of journalists from their duties, and considers it a violation of the freedom of press and media work that is guaranteed by the constitution.

The association rejects the repeated assaults of the security forces towards press cadres in the course of their duties.

The association calls on the Minister of Interior to hold the security forces who detained the journalists at the time of their work accountable, and to instruct the forces acting under his command to respect the principles of the constitution, which secured the freedom of journalistic work.

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