Reporter goes Missing in Diwaniya


Journalist Mohammed al-Shammari disappeared in Diwaniyah under mysterious circumstances.

Al-Shammari, who works as a correspondent for the Baghdad Alyoum news agency, left his home in the early hours of Sunday, took a taxi and turned off his phone, according to a representative of Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq.

At the time that the associatin wishes safety to colleague Mohammed al-Shammari, it confirms that efforts to muzzle the mouths are continuing, and there is no action to stop the attack on journalists, threats and kidnappings.

The association demands that an investigation be opened and the circumstances of al-Shammari’s disappearance, and the whereabouts of be disclosed, and since the security authorities in Diwaniyah are responsible for the safety of the colleague, especially since he had informed them that he had received a series of threats through his personal phone.

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