Rudaw staff detained in Kirkuk


A security force detained the Rudaw TV team in Kirkuk on Friday morning

“The armed men in uniform detained their colleague, correspondent Hardy Mohammed and cameraman Ahmed Najat Hussein, in the course of their duties in Kobane area south of Kirkuk, and took them to an unknown destination,” said Hiwa Helmaldin, a correspondent for Press Freedom Advocacy Association

He said the force confiscated the team’s press equipment and no one knew the background of their detention

At the time where Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq wishes safety to fellow journalists, it considers their arrest a dire violation of the freedom of journalistic work that is secured by the principles of the constitution

The association calls on the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and the Minister of Interior to open an investigation into the incident, and to urgently specify the whereabouts of the detained press staff . the association demands their immediate release and that the aforementioned sides work to protect the lives of journalists from armed groups, and to comply with the Constitution

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