Kora Correspondent beaten by al-Talaba president


Alaa Kazim, president of al-Talaba club, severely beat the correspondent of The Kora program Ahmed Al-Atwani while performing his duties, breaking his nose.

Al-Atwani told the Press Freedom Advocacy Association that he was in the process of conducting a quick interview with Captain Alaa Kazim, but he was surprised that the club’s president, snatched the microphone and hit him with it on the nose, which led to severe bleeding, and was taken to hospital. The
director of photography in Alfurat Channel said that his colleague Al-Atwani was with the photographer in a special coverage at a funeral of the president of the Adala Club and was exposed to this incident, pointing out that Kazem also tried to hit the photographer and broke the camera.

Alaa Kazem caused the reporter’s nose to break and bleed severely and was taken to al-Kindi hospital for treatment, he said.

The association wishes safety to the colleague Al-Atwani, but expresses its astonishment at the sore behavior the president of the Talaba club dealt with the journalist, and it is a flagrant violation ofthe freedom of journalistic and mediawork.

The association also calls on the concerned authorities to take legal action against the aggressors of journalists and to stop efforts to restrict the freedom of journalistic work, which has brought things to this unfortunate situation.

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