Baghdad; the most dangerous area for Journalists

The Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq underlined the continuity of abuses and violations that are uprooting press freedom in all its forms in the country. Levels of violations are not diminishing and preserve their past levels due to the lack of interference and no steps were taken to eliminate these actions

As World Press Freedom Day approaches, the line of suppressing freedom of expression continues, and press field spaces are narrowed by weapons, violence, threats and pressures by many official and informal actors

Baghdad alone recorded (77) violations in one year, followed by Kirkuk (36) cases, out of a total of (268) cases observed by the Association within one year for the period (3/5/2020- 2/5/2021), nearly half of the violations took place in these two cities. The most recorded months of violations were June and August, with 51 violations each

The violations varied this year to include threats, imprisonment, Vexatious actions, assaults, denial of coverage, as well as the closure of media outlets and the dismissals of workers

The association recorded 11 cases of injury despite the decline in protests, 63 arrests and detentions without judicial orders or arrest warrants, while (10) armed attacks were recorded, and (141) cases of beatings, prevention and obstruction of coverage, as well as threats against two of our fellow journalists

At the level of job security, 28 media workers told the Press Freedom Defense Association that they were dismissed without prior notice

Under the legal system inherited from the former regime, 13 lawsuits, sentences and arrest warrants have been filed against 13 journalists, in spite of the constitutionally guaranteed freedom of expression principles. Still, the Iraqi legislator does not intend to amend or repeal this legal legacy

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Baghdad; the most dangerous area for Journalists

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