Baghdadia staff injured in Karbalaa


Baghdadia tv reporter and photographer suffered minor injuries while covering clashes in Karbala between protesters and security forces.

Reporter Nour Saidi told Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq  that he suffered a minor foot injury, while his fellow photographer Bashir Abdul Sharif suffered a similar injury in the area of the back as they were hit by hunting iron balls . the incident took place while conveying protests in the Tarbiya square in central Karbala.

He said the outburst of the clashes prompted the staff to withdraw from the scene immediately and stop the coverage.

Most of Iraq’s provinces witnessed large-scale protests on Tuesday to commemorate the start of popular protests calling for reform and an end to corruption.

At the time that the Association wishes safety to its colleagues in the channel, it considers the incident a dire violation of the freedom of press work, and contrary to the principles of protecting journalists in such events.

The association calls on the security services to provide the necessary protection to journalists when performing their press duties, stop targeting journalists, and remind media cadres to be cautious and to abide by safety measures when they are directed to certain events.

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