In a dangerous precedence, Erbil Security Forces expel 9 journalists in KRG

KRG’s security forces closed three K.N.N offices in Erbil , Duhouk, and Souran District, in addition to surging into the N.R.T channel office in the province, where it expelled a number of its cadres to Suleimaniya.

Representative for Press Freedom Advocacy Association stated that Saturday evening N.R.T Office in Erbil witnessed an attack by security forces where 6 of its personnel were arrested, the arrested persons are correspondents, camera-men, receptionist, and a technician. The insider said that the convicted were led to (Degleh) police station outside Erbil, in order to oust them to Suleimaniya.

The representative quoted the forces saying that there are orders that prohibit the channel from operating in Erbil; the office should be closed.

At the same level, Representative for Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq said that another security force closed the KNN offices in Erbil , Duhouk, and Souran District, ousting three of its personnel, after adopting the same aforementioned process.

Clarifying that the police confronted the channel’s team during their duty of covering the demonstrations that were held for pay demanding workers, before the incident of arresting them. Their tapes were confiscated and the staff driven out of the scene.

At the time that Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq expresses its deep concern about KRG’s attitude against all media bodies that are active in covering the action of demonstrators in the area, it also calls on all International Organizations and International Community to interfere for ending such violations that are imposed against journalists and associated cadres in KRG. Especially that the Association verified 12 violation incidents in the three aforementioned cities during the last couple of days.

It’s worth noting that the recent regime is obviously adopting the same attitude as the toppled suppressive regime since it expels journalists, and this by itself is an extreme violation of the Iraqi constitution and valid regulations in KRG. These incidents suggest a crystallizing despotic regime forming in KRG.

Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq holds KRG the full responsibility for the safety of its colleagues calling its presidency to show good will by holding those arresting and expelling press cadres accountable for what they have committed by closing a number of Kurdish media offices and channels.

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