Rudaw Kurdish Channel surged by demonstrators in Suleimaniya

Rudawsatellite Channel was surged by a group of demonstrators in an attempt to set the building on fire. The station Manager Kawa Amin told the Representative for Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq that a numbers of demonstrators shouting against Kurdish parties gathered in front of the building but the security forces prevented them from barging in, the forces locked the doors and denied that any part of the building caught fire at the time that one of the local agencies said that parts were damaged by fire.
Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq expresses its deep concern as it fears a rise in the toll of violations that press personnel are being subjected to, and calls on the KRG Authorities to secure the safety of all media workers in the region. At the same time we ask all demonstrators not to be carried away by the calls of destroying media buildings and assets under the excuse of being funded by different parties. Especially that journalists and related staff covered the demonstration that took place in front of a famous hotel in Suleimaniya, at the time of the meeting that joined the main five Kurdish parties to discuss the presidency post in KRG.
It is to be mentioned that this the seventh aggression imposed against press personnel since last Friday.

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