Kirkuk Media Denied Coverage of Flames


Members of oil facilities security forces have denied access to Rudaw and KNN staff to the scene of fire that roared in the oil lines in Derwaza area in Kirkuk.

The incident that took place on Sunday morning was reported to the Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq by the KNN correspondent Ujin Jula; clarifying that the police there seized his mobile device and the equipment of Rudaw Correspondent, Herdy Mohammed, and deleted all the photos of the fire that was documented at the same evening. It is noted that all media channels were denied coverage without any  clarification.

The cadres were demanded to clear the site by police order.

The Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq expresses its concern due to the repeated blockade procedures that journalists endure to exercise their duties in Kirkukm a situation that is considered a dire and clear violations of the constitutional rights of freedom of press and journalism in the country.

The association renews its calls that the related authorities in Kirkuk stop preventing media to be the on ground voice of events, and to reconsider the constitutional obligations upon obstructing media performance in the province.

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