The status of PFAAI towards Media and Publication court statement


Media and Publication Court stresses upon the right of any journalist to direct the questions he/she considers appropriate to officials and deems attacking them a crime.

The court pointed out that law provided a wide area for gathering information unless violating the regulations of certain public institutions and are listed under security and personal purposes. Judge Mohammad Salman, specialist in Media and Publication charter, told (Alqadhaa newspaper) that is issued by the media center of the legal authority, that the legislator opens doors wide open in front given that no material should be published if it relates to personal rights regardless of its authenticity. He added that the Iraqi legislator considers attacking a journalist the same as attacking an employee during office hours and holds the attacker responsible for the assault during or because of duty. He added that figures and statistics published by the press, even if they were inaccurate, is not considered a crime.

Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq stresses on the statements released by the judiciary system representatives who clearly support journalism and the right to acquire information from various sources. The Association underlines the act of criminalizing assaults imposed against press personnel.

The association emphasizes that media and press personnel are in continuous threat of being attacked, abducted or killed by tribes, parties, terrorists, security forces and other armed forces or sides.

The association demands that HOR reforms journalists’ rights law as soon as possible; the law that uprooted all hopes of reaching true independent journalism in Iraq. It also demands eliminating the means of passing any law that might affect the freedom of media and journalism in Iraq.

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