The Union for Press Freedom holds its second founding meeting


On World Press Freedom Day, the Union of Press Freedom held its second founding meeting, in the presence of a group of journalists, lawyers, and civil society organizations concerned with press freedoms, from various governorates, in the city of Sulaymaniyah.

The meeting included a reminder of the basic principles for which the Union was formed, discussing and placing them in sound legal formulations, and determining the objectives that the Union will work on, most notably supporting the adoption and amendment of laws related to freedom of journalistic work, documenting violations against the freedom of journalistic work, and joint work with local and international institutions and organizations that support the defense of press freedom and the adoption and launch of projects in support of the press.

The meeting devoted the second session to discussing the challenges facing the work of the Union, as well as the distribution of responsibilities among its members.

It also included talking about structuring the committees of the Union and the identification of people within each department, and their responsibilities.

The meeting concluded by announcing the official website of the Union for Press Freedom and showcasing the logo, vision and mission of the Union, which will be issued within days.

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