Alsharqiya News correspondent and cameraman killed in Diyala

Alsharqiya News Correspondent Saif Talal, and cameraman, Hasan Alanbaki, were killed by gunmen in Diyala.
Both victims were escorted by Diyala operations commander, Muhsin Alazzawi, in order to cover the current events in Muqdadiya that was under attack by terrorists on Monday. Both victims received a bullet in the head by anonymous gunmen, after returning from the coverage to the province’s center.
Federal police forces said that their bodies were found near an area known as Albu Wajihiya in Baquba where they were transferred to the forensic medical Directorate in the province.
At the time that Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq expresses its grave concern towards the incident, it demands that Diyala Operations Command and both local and Federal Governments to track down the offenders, and not be satisfied with opening an investigation especially that the correspondent Saif Talal, has been subjected to previous assaults, a failed assassination attempt and has been abducted before.

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