Alahad Satellite Channel staff attacked by Security Forces

The staff of Alahad Satellite Channel was attacked by security forces on monday morning, while they were covering the incident of the explosion of the pipe line in Assalhiya residential complex.
Alahad Radio informed Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq that both Maitham Alamiri  , correspondent, and Salam Atwan, cameraman, were beaten and their equipment destroyed by security forces , brigade 56, under the excuse that no on site shooting is allowed.
The channel clarified that a fight erupted on the background of breaking the camera by surprise, resulted in hitting and abusing the team.
At the time that the association condemns these actions and considers them a dire breach for the constitution that secured freedom of expression, it demands that special forces headquarters follows the violators and holds them accountable for attacking press. at the same time we expect that all their forces be directed to respect all members of media and press if any democratic governing system is wished to dominate.

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