Armed Surge at Sama Aldiwaniya threatens Programs Manager

Mustafa Aljleihawi the programs manager at Sama Aldiwaniya radio was imposed to killing threats three days before surging the building of the station during his live broadcast.
at eight pm. , he clarified, on Saturday a powerful force invaded the station but without any violence, they forced him to stay in the station and threatened that otherwise he would be killed. they threatened that they would stamp the station with the phrase (wanted for blood) that is a tribal conduct when killings take place and disturb their relations and at the same time nobody could use, rent or take any action against this situation. He clarified that he criticized some Hussaini traditions on his personal Face Book page days before the incident. 
He added that he sued those people but were fined and released the next day and are continuing their threats.
At the time that Press Freedom Advocacy Association condemns what was subjected against Aljleihawi , it demands that Iraqi PM takes action at once and open a full investigation in this incident. Especially that an informal side threatens by tradion to shut down whole media bodies is a dire violation to the Iraqi constitution that adopts the media as a corner stone for building democracy. The Association demands that all sides involved be inquired including those who released the predators. The Association calls on international organizations to support Iraq in its inconvenient and highly complicated time, that is challenging on both security and political levels.

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