Press attacked by Minister of Health Security


Sajjad Alkhafaji ,Samaraa Satellite channel correspondent in Babil informed Press Freedom Advocacy Association that press cadres were attacked and abused by the members of the security personnel of Minister of Health, Adila Humoud, after being invited by the ministry’s mdi a department to cover the event of opening the Turkish hospital in Babil.

The press were prohibited from placing their devices on the forum where official  statements are made, after being denied entry for more than an hour. they were then earned not to approach the Minister and all VIPs were received in a separate hall where she addressed them alone.

Alkhafaji said that the equipment were the point of dispute and were the trigger of the suspicious attitude that was adopted by the security on site, the argument developed into attacking a member of the media by security, he was beaten. He remains anonymous because he is suing the Minister of Health for this assault.

Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq condemns these kinds of actions and considers them a dire violation to expression freedom constitutional rights. especially that  the incident was witnessed by a high ranking official who should be the first defender and imposer of law in the country. the association demands a thorough investigation be held by Iraqi PM. and local government of Babil. responsible security personnel should be held responsible and should be sued.

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