A number of channels banned performance in Diwaniya

A number of satellite channel bodies were exposed to annoyance and finally banned from performing in Saniya area in Diwaniya by a group claiming their affiliation to the popular mobilization formations.
A correspondent told Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq that he, along with the correspondents from ( Alahad, Alghadeer, Alnujabaa, Almasar aloula, and NRT) were banned from covering a scouts camp held in the area. The action was adopted by a number of unclear affiliated individuals who claim being part of the popular mobilization formations in Diwaniya. after being held by force in the camp for about one hour, the press was released due to the interference of the local police in the province.
At the time that Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq condemns these repeated assaults against members of press, since it considers any of the aforementioned actions as a dire violation to the Iraqi constitution that secures freedom of expression, it demands that exposing the offenders identities be carried out by Diwaniya police.

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