Riot control forces beat al-Ayyam staff in Baghdad


The staff of Al-Ayam satellite channel, on Tuesday, was hit by a security force in a Baghdad area.

Al-Ayyam Channel PR  told Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq reported that “the two associates (Zafar Ali), the presenter and photographer (Haidar Mahdi), were beaten by the riot control force while covering a demonstration of postgraduate students in Al-Alawi area of Baghdad”, adding that “the Baghdad Police command apologized To the channel and promised to hold the defaulter accountable. “

The Association considers the attack as an attempt to prevent the journalists from covering the demonstration, which is a flagrant constitutional breach, and was repeated several times. in one week.

The association deplores the continued violations of media personnel during the cover-up, and considers the apology of the Baghdad police command insufficient to stop such attacks, and calls on the Baghdad and governorates operations commands to effectively hold the defaulting members of the security forces accountable and take deterrent action without being content with formal apologies alone.

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