Nineveh oil Products Company bans journalists from information

The Nineveh Oil Products Company has banned various media from filming inside or outside the stations or meeting with its officials, demanding an official letter issued by the Ministry of Oil.

A group of journalists in Nineveh told Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq, that the company is trying through this decision to prevent journalists from exposing the truth of the manipulation of fuel quotas and distributing them to citizens in addition to many corruption files related to the work of the company, and the issue of the official book of the Ministry of Oil is a mere excuse for an argument for not allowing journalists in

The Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq condemns the restriction of journalistic work, the constraints facing the functions and duties of the media, and the denial of their right to information, which is a constitutional violation

The association calls on the Ministry of Oil and the local government in Nineveh to follow up on the company’s statements and issue directives authorizing journalists to perform their work at the stations, as this restriction is a clear violation of freedom of expression

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