Anonymous persons attempted to abduct AbdullQaderFuuad, correspondent of (Turkmen Elle) from in front of his resident at (1 Adhar) district.

Abdulqadir told Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq that he had received an anonymous phone call, asking him to come out to speak to him; doing so; he was attacked by 4 people, who tried to carry him into the nearby car trunk. He clarified that his brother caught sight of the incident and called for help. The gathering crowd startled the offenders and they made their way out of the scene.
The victim said that the men were armed carrying guns and one of them carried a Kalashnikov and triggered a number of shots in the air.
Fuaad said this wasn’t the first time that he received a threat call, but the first attempt for abducting him especially that he doesn’t know why he experienced such an attempt.
At the time when Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq condemns these kind of assaults, it demands an instant investigation be held and that protection be provided for press personnel in Kirkuk that is witnessing an awkward security situation. The Association draws attention that repeated assaults aim to bring media functioning staff to a total standstill.

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