Basra Court Detains Presenter by Will of Governor


On Tuesday, the Basra Investigative Court sent TV presenter Haider Al-Hamdani to prison, immediately after his appearance before the judiciary upon a complaint filed by Basra Governor Asaad Al-Aidani against him.

The Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq learned from its coordinator in Basra that Al-Hamdani on Tuesday, reached the province of Basra, appeared before the Basra Investigation Court, after being informed of two lawsuits, filed by the governor against him. The lawsuits consequence  publishing a video clip on social network pages, including the disclosure of suspicions of corruption, and manipulation of the prices of billboards for the Gulf 25 in Basra.

The Basra court decided to imprison al-Hamdani, immediately after his appearance on pending bail of IQD 60 million.

The Association is surprised by the failure to implement the directives of the Judicial Council to present journalists and opinion makers, against whom lawsuits are filed, to judges who are specialized in publishing and media cases, how they are considered criminals, and oblige them to pay heavy financial bails.

The association also indicates that the Governor of Basra, Asaad Al-Eidani, filed dozens of lawsuits against journalists in Basra, to subjugate them, or intimidate them with the judiciary. The association calls on the federal government to intervene for the release of the journalist immediately, and open an investigation into the corruption files revealed by the colleague, instead of filing lawsuits against him.

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