AFP photographer injured in Tahrir Square


Ahmed al-Rubaie , AFP photographer was injured while covering Friday’s protests in Baghdad’s Tahrir Square.

A member of the agency, Ammar Karim, told Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq that the photographer Ahmed al-Rubaie was on a press mission to report the protests in Baghdad’s Tahrir Square, and was injured in the leg and shoulder, after riot police fired (steel balls) from hunting rifles that are recently used, to disperse the protesters there and was taken to the nearby hospital for treatment.

The Association, which wishes safety to colleague Ahmed al-Rubaie, considers this a clear violation of the freedom of the press and the media in the country, and mouth-muzzling process. The association also renews its call on the security services in the protest arenas to protect cadres from any attack, and calls on journalists to take safe places during coverage of the events

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