Speda prevented from covering Shaqlawa Demonstartion


Police prevented a reporter and cameraman from covering demonstrations in Shaqawa district on Thursday morning.

The channel’s correspondent, Younis Hamad, told Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq that the Police of Al-Asaish prevented him and the channel’s cameraman Rifaat Mohammed from covering a fuming demonstration that erupted in the city of Shaqlawa, organized by residents of the slums against the local government’s decision to demolish their homes, and demanded that they be granted plots of land and improve their living conditions.

Yunus said security forces had ordered them to leave the site immediately.

Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq condemns the ban on fellow journalists from doing their work, which is a violation and an infringement of the freedom of journalistic work in the country.

The association calls on the concerned parties in Kurdistan to stop preventing journalists from reporting events in the arena, and the need to abide by the constitution and the principles of the law, which allowed the media and the press to work unconditionally.

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