Security forces prevent media from covering demonstrations in Baghdad


Security forces have prevented several media outlets from covering the demonstrations that began this morning in The Nisour and Tahrir Squares

Asia Correspondent Louay al-Hassan of the Press Freedom Advocacy Association reported that members of the security forces in Tahrir Square prevented him and his cameraman Haidar Shaker and colleagues working in the channels (Al-Jazeera, Baghdadia, I News, Iraq 24) from live coverage of the protests that began this morning to demand an end to corruption and protect protesters

Other federal police officers also prevented Asia Channel correspondent Mohammed Al-Farid and Sumeria and Rudaw crews from covering the scene and asked them to leave the scene immediately

Today, Baghdad and the provinces witnessed widespread protests against corruption, demanding speeding up and revealing who was behind the assassination of civilian activists

Press Freedom Advocacy Association considers the ban on the media from performing their duties, a violation of freedom of press work and a flagrant constitutional violation

The association calls on all security services to stop using methods of provocation and prevention on the media, allow them to perform their press duties, convey events on the ground and comply with the constitution

The Association holds the Federal Government represented by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces responsible for this breach

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