Uniform Imposed for Press Entering HOR


For the second time in its history, the House of Representatives issued a resolution obliging all journalists to enter the parliamentary premises by wearing the official uniform, otherwise, they are denied entrance.

The parliament’s media department issued a statement stressing the council’s “keenness to take care of the proper appearance of all those who visit this prestigious institution,” stressing that journalists are denied entry if they do not wear the uniform.

With the announcement of the decision, a number of journalists expressed their displeasure, which is an addition to the series of complications that parliament places in front of journalists to enter the government building of legislature, calling on the parliamentary media department to reconsider the decision.

Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq pointed out that these decisions are a moral violation of the press family, at the same time any prohibition of any journalist is a violation of the constitutionally guaranteed freedom of press work and a clear restriction of their movement, as their adherence to the standards of dress code, who are not employees of the Council, reflects a protocol misconduct.

The Association also calls on the presidency of parliament to exert its efforts to discuss resolutions that guarantee freedom of information work, protect journalists from repeated violations, and pay attention to the restrictions they are subjected to on a daily basis, rather than imposing further restrictions on journalists.

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