Bombing a correspondent’s house in Tuzkhurmatu

Anonymous persons threw a hand grenade on the house of Asu Ahmad, a Kurdish channel correspondent / KNN, in Kirkuk. The victim told Press Freedom Advocacy in Iraq that armed men in a four wheel drive threw a sonic bomb on his home which destroyed the windows and parts of the house and the furniture. The victim sustained a severe headache as a result for the assault. Assu said that security forces held an investigation since he has witnessed four violations lately on duty. The incidents were held by the security forces in Kirkuk and popular mobilization. The worst of them left bruises and broke down his PC. He also stated that journalists there live in harsh conditions. Especially after the lashes that erupted between the Popular mobilization and Peshmerka, and resulted in threatening many journalists.
At the time that Press Freedom Advocacy in Iraq condemns the assaults against Ahmad Asu and others, it stresses upon PM Hayder al-Ibadi to take all measures to secure the journalists lives and working environment, and demands that Peshmerka and popular mobilization give space to press for achieving their assignments.

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