Protests Demanding Dues Choked in Kirkuk


A riot security element stormed the filming site of KNN channel amid a demonstration in Kirkuk, and demanded that the filming of the demonstration that took place in Kirkuk, on Sunday, cuts immediatly.

A video clip snatched by the channel’s camera was seen by the Press Freedom Advovocacy Association in Iraq. The film showed a security officer storming the channel’s coverage site, obstructing the work of its correspondent Eugene Ramadan, forcing him to stop filming the demonstration that was organized by teaching cadres in Kirkuk, to demand the payment of their delayed salaries.

Eugene told the association that security forces imposed a security cordon on the set, forcing him and fellow cameraman Mohamed Wahab to carry their equipment and leave the scene at once.

The association continuously records the frequent obstruction by the security forces of the work of the media to perform their duties, contrary to the directives of the Prime Minister to facilitate their work by the forces operating under his command.

The association condemns the prevention of colleagues from performing their assigned duties, and considers it a clear violation of the constitutionally guaranteed freedom of journalistic and media work.

The association calls on the security forces to respect the constitution, which guarantees the freedom of journalistic work in all its forms, and holds the commander-in-chief of the armed forces responsible for the continuation of the hostile attitude adopted by  the security forces against journalists.

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