MCC decides withdrawing work permits from Aljazeera news channel

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Media and Communications Commission has released a decision that prohibits Aljazeera channel from working in Iraq and decided to close down its office in Baghdad. in a statement, MCC clarified that Aljazeera has violated valid regulations adopted by MCC. being increasingly distant from objectiveness and neutrality in dealing with different issues. on its part , Aljazeera confirmed its commitment  with Iraqi Editorial policies when dealing with all Iraqi issues and the way they are developing. the channel considered this step a clear contradiction to the vows made by the Iraqi Government and its keenness to secure free press and freedom of expression. finally it hopes reconsideration would open its doors again in Baghdad.
Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq considers this step as another in the row of muzzling mouths of media people, violating the very core of democracy. the Association feels sorry that all these actions against local and foreign media institutions are taking place under Haider Alibadi especially that they lack legal bases. the association calls all media institutions not to oblige to these decisions unless a judicial warrant is received, and that it has to be issued by Publishing and Media Court, the specified side of taking such procedures. otherwise valid law no. 65 of the civil governor is violated . MCC is recently subjected to partisan pressure, that aim to oppress freedoms of expression. these efforts are framed by the pursue to reproduce dictatorship by violating the principles of the Iraqi constitution and international agreements and doctrines. the association demands that both Prime Minister and Parliament spokesperson, to urgently interfere and stop the transformation of MCC into a watchdog upon media bodies in Iraq and should adhere to its organizational role.

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