Rudaw under attack

A midnight attack was carried out against Rudaw Media Network, by anonymous individuals. The incident was triggered by storming the place with a grenade that devastated the channel’s silence by injuring two of its guards and a PR member of staff.

The police reached the place at the time that the aggressors had fled the site.

At the time that Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq severely condemns the assault, it points out the dire violation that all press bodies are subjected too in a solid attempt to jeopardize the freedom of expression ensured by the Iraqi constitution.

The Association holds KRG security forces responsible for the safety of all press and media personnel in the region and demands that the results of the investigation be exposed as soon as possible. It demands that those involved be held accountable and the details of the incident be traced; a safe environment should be maintained for press function in the country especially by ensuring the stability and safety of all media facilities.

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