Two journalists sued for vexatious litigation in Thi-Qar

Court of Appeal in Thi-Qar assigned July 25th, 2016 a date for holding the proceeding against two journalists from Thi-Qar whom have attacked AlDaawa party and its icons during the protests on Feb. 5th 2016.
Journalist Mustafa Alsiedy from Alsharqiya satellite channel and correspondent for Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq said that he, along with Riyadh Al-Ismaaily, correspondent for Al-Baghdadiya, are drew to court for abusing AlDaawa Party in spite of their abcense from the scene on this date and they weren’t among the press that covered the event in Shattra in Nasiriya at that day. The latter expressed his astonishment when his name was added to the list. He added that the court sent for both several days ago, and they were held in prison for hours before being fined and released.
At the time that the Association condemns accusing innocent journalists, it demands that Daawa party presents its evidence that support their claim. It also demands that legal and security sides open expanded investigations to reveal the circumstances of the incident. The association vows to follow on the case till clearing the journalists’ page.

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