Alqadisiya University prevents coverage exempting IMN and Alhurra

Federal police in Diwaniya and University security force of Qadisiya University banned a number of  E-media channels and Radios from covering the teaching staff’s demonstrations inside the university.
Dhiyaa Muhammed Radhi, informed Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq that he and a number of his fellow workers in E-media channels and Radios were prevented from covering the event that we were informed about a day before. we were surprised by being banned from entrance after showing our press IDs ; the security and police driven us back after saying that these are the orders from the university’s presidency and that only Iraqia ( IMN) and Alhurra are allowed for coverage since they are the formal channels.
Press Freedom Advocacy Association considers this prevention and any of the kind a dire violation for the Iraqi constitution that has secured Freedon of Expression.

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