Report of the Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq, 2017



Summary of Outcome:

14 journalists were killed while covering military operations or by unidentified gunmen

34 injured during coverage of military operations

27 cases of arrest and detention

64 cases of violation (threat – hit – verbal abuse)

49 cases prevented from covering most of them in Kurdistan

7 institutions were closed

3 institutions were burnt



ريبوار كاكائي بعد الاجلاء
ريبوار كاكائي مراسل صحفي تعرض للضرب في برلمان كردستان



Press family victims:


The martyrdom of Rudaw TV reporter  (Shafaa Alkurdi) ,  and her colleague was injured by a land booby trap by ISIS in a cemetery for the dead of ISIS in a the city ” Al-Athba”  west of Mosul.


Iraqi reporter Bakhtiar Haddad, who works for the French newspaper ” Le Figaro” , was killed by two bombs in an area between Bab Sinjar and Ras al-Jadah in the Right side of Mosel .


A French journalist (Stefani Fellinov) died of wounds sustained in the explosion of two explosive devices in the area of ​​right coast of Mosul .


French journalist (Veronique Robert) died in a military hospital near Paris after being hit by an explosive device during the liberation of the right coast of Mosul on 19 June 2017.



correspondent in Karbala martyred colleague Hamza al-Lami during his coverage of the battles of the popular crowd west of Mosul , NINA agency .



The martyrdom of the colleagues (Harb Hazza) and (Sudaad Al-Dori ) working in Salah al-Din channel in the village of Imam west of southern Mosul after being surrounded by elements of ISIS


The military photographer of the Karbala satellite channel (Sajjad Najm Abdul Ajil) was martyred during the liberation of Tal Afar


The cameraman of al-Nujbaa channel (Louay Sadiq) was martyred while covering the liberation of Hawija


Murder and neutralization:

5/1/2017 The body of journalist Abdul Qadir al-Qaisi was found after he was kidnapped on the Kirkuk-Baghdad road


The reporter of Ruz News agency (Nujian Aharian) was killed by a gunshot wound during armed clashes between the Workers’ Party and the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Jabal Sinjar


The Kurd-Sat News satellite in Sulaymaniyah, announced the killing of one of its programs presenters , a colleague, “Soran Saqzi” in his home in Erbil in mysterious circumstances


The correspondent of the Asian satellite channel in Anbar  province, Suhaib al-Hiti, was killed by a suicide bombing in the district of Hit while covering the Haddad stop on the martyrs of one of the Karrada explosions


The cameraman of the Kurdistan TV channel, Rakan Sharif, was killed in mysterious circumstances in a village in Daqouq district south of Kirkuk


احدى الكاميرات التي هشمها المسلحون داخل برلمان اقليم كردستان


Injuries during combat:


The correspondent of Al-Itijah satellite channel (Ali Moutair) was injured while covering the battles to liberate the University of Mosul from the crowd, as stabilized bullet with his thorax



Kilan Botani, correspondent of the Kurd-sat satellite channel was injured during clashes between the anti-terrorism forces and ISIS inside Mosul University


The Surviving of Al-Ghadeer channel group, reporter (Haider Nassif) and photographer (Hussein Darraji) from the targeting of a march aircraft by ISIS in Mosul operations sector


Al-Hurra correspondent (Abdel Hamid Zebari) and assistant photographer (Yasser Salem) were injured while covering the battles in Mosul


Photographer of Karbala satellite channel (Yasser Kanani) was injured while covering the battles west of Mosul


Photographer of Al-Nabaa channel (Alaa Hussein Zaboun) was injured during the coverage of battles in the Ghazlani area in the right coast of Mosul


A reporter for the French Press Agency, colleague Mahmoud Saleh, was injured while covering the battles in Mosul


the crew of Rawadaw network was hit by a missile with poisonous headings containing chlorine gas directed by elements of  ISIS in Bab al-Toub area west of Mosul


The correspondent of Samarra TV channel (Omar Tayeh) was injured while covering the liberation battles of the right coast of Mosul in the Dandan district


the correspondent of Baladi satellite channel (Sabah Hakim) was slightly injured while covering the right coast of Mosul


Al-Alam (Haider Qassem) reporter was slightly injured when mortar shells hit the security forces near Al-Hadba Lighthouse in the right coast of Mosul


Al-Mayadeen team was shot by a sniper west of Mosul, causing the injury of the reporter (Mohamed Fahd )


Four members of the Al-Walaa satellite channel were injured while covering night military operations to liberate Kairouan, south of Mosul. The crew consisted of correspondents (Hussein Abdel Kadhim Al-Mayahi and Ahmed Hussein Shatab Al-Atabi) and two photographers (Ali Sabah Al-Muhanna and Montazer Fawzi Al- , Were injured after being subjected to heavy fire by ISIS, which led to overturning the wheel, and subjected to fractures and bruises in different areas .


Several press crews also survived direct targeting of the ISIS organization during its coverage of the fighting, with rockets, mortars and direct sniping.

It is noteworthy that the military media announced the martyrdom of two of his correspondents and two other photographers, and wounding two photographers and another engineer for broadcasting during the liberation of Mosul



Attacks against the media :


The Anbar Provincial Council has decided to close the offices of the Dijlah satellite channel in Ramadi against the background of the channel broadcast recordings and documents condemning the personalities of the window of smuggling oil to a sympathetic organization


The closure of the Standard Research and Information Foundation in Erbil after the arrest of its president


A force belonging to the Kurdish Peshmerga, the office of the Iraqi channel in the district of Dibs, north-west of Kirkuk, for unknown reasons




The Directorate of Media, Printing and Publishing in Arbil, Ministry of Culture and Youth of the Kurdistan Regional Government, suspended the ground broadcast of the Kurdish-language NRT channel, before changing its decision .


Kurdistan authorities once again suspended the NRT ground station, because of its position on the referendum.


The head of the monthly (Heech)  cultural newspaper, Heorg Ghafouri, announced that the newspaper had stopped publishing after the printing presses in Erbil refused to print it under the pretext of “violating religion and traditions”


Kurdistan Communist Party (PKK) official Hendrin Ahmed announced that his party’s Rika satellite channel would be shut down and the channel’s office would be closed at the end of this month due to a financial crisis after the channel stopped funding it. After the suspension of budget allocations of parties for more than two years .


The security authorities in Sulaymaniyah closed a group of NRT channels, speaking Arabic and Kurdish, after the storming of a heavily armed force of about 100 elements of the building, the confiscation and destruction of transmission and transmission devices, and did not resume broadcasting until the completion of this report.


A group of people set fire to the Rabin channel in the district of Rania and broke and looted some of the equipment and contents of the station


A group of people burned the “Mashkhalan” and “Al Ittihad” radio stations in Rania district as well, and they broke down and destroyed their contents


The authorities in the region have blocked the website of NRT channel, and has not lifted the blocking until the writing of this report .








Violations :

#Threats :


Editor-in-chief of the newspaper Al-Sabah is threatened by the family of the Minister of Health following the punishment of a corrupt employee


The family of a space director here in Baghdad and the host of the satirical television program “The State of Batikh” Ali Fadel, had a state of panic and anxiety after the night of horror in their home, the attack by a number of members of the Bani Lam tribe on the house


Abduction of the correspondent of the road of the people (Abdullah Latif) among seven activists by unknown


Al-Hurra correspondent in Basra (Saad Qusay) was exposed to two threats in one month against the background of news reports in the province


The correspondent of NRT channel in Karbala (Haider Hadi) threatened to send text messages on his personal account in (Facebook) the impact of his coverage of the crime of (killing a child) based on the statement of the leadership of the province during coverage on 15th/7/2017


A number of unidentified gunmen stormed the office of the NRT satellite channel in Dohuk this evening, threatening to close the channel


The house of the colleague (Heba Hussein) correspondent of the Nina news agency of an armed attack carried out by unidentified persons east of Baghdad


A civilian armed force raided the home of the correspondent of Al-Furat satellite channel in Wasit (Riad al-Aqili) and threatened to physically liquidate him after he covered the issue of seizure of state land in the province


A group of protesters, including armed men, stormed NRT’s office


The house of a correspondent of the KDP (Kurdistan Kurdistan) satellite in Kfari district was shot by a group of unknown gunmen


NRT reporter (Hersh Kadir) was subjected to armed attack by security forces in a market in Sulaymaniyah and ordered him to go to Erbil


The correspondent of “Khalak Media Network” in the city of Sulaymaniyah (Bahman Saeed Ahmed), who has worked for many years in the media to the threat of death after reports published in the network about the rampant corruption in the region


A reporter for the weekly newspaper Ziyan, published in Sulaymaniyah, was threatened with the death of unknown persons by phone for publishing a report on the marriage of underage girls



#Arrest and detention:


Al-Muthanna governorate  police arrested Mustafa Hameed, a photographer of the local Badr Samawah channel, and his cameras and equipment were destroyed on the background of the “Corniche” of the city of Samawah


The crew of the KNN space was held by the security forces in Sharia camp near Semel district of Dohuk province after the team intended to prepare a report on climate change and weather and its impact on the situation of displaced persons in the camp


Diwaniyah police detain cameraman of Al-Ahed channel Mustafa Faleh while filming He recovered a body from the river and released him after several hours





Asayish forces detained the correspondent of the agency “Rosneoz” in Erbil, a colleague Swara Mohammed, while covering demonstrations in the province to condemn the attacks on the area of ​​Sinjar


Diwaniyah police detained the director of the Radio (Hana al-Diwaniyah) colleague Ibrahim Habas al-Saidi, after the media and communications committee filed a complaint against the unauthorized media organizations


The correspondent of Voice of America (Ahmad Ghafoor Zebari) was detained in Arbil by the governorate police on the backdrop of covering a popular demonstration against the provincial government


A security force from (Asayish) stormed the institution “Standard” media research in Arbil and closed by force


A security force of Karbala province attacks NRT Arab reporter (Haider Hadi) while covering the process of destroying slums


Security forces severely beat the correspondent and cameraman of Al-Ahad  channel Alaa Saadoun and Rafid Jabbar, holding them for a while, while doing their duty in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad


The crew of the NRT in Erbil, detained for 15 minutes, and deleted the image of the crew during the coverage of a demonstration in the city of the graduates of the first universities to protest against the lack of orders to appoint them, despite the promises of the territorial government to employ them


Security forces arrested in Kurdistan NRT correspondent Aram Bakhtiar in Kfri district south of Kirkuk on the background of preparing a report on the verdict on a citizen stole milk for his child


A security force in Erbil called Swat arrested journalist Haman Mamand, director of the Zamdar Translation and Publishing Corporation, during his participation in a protest rally in front of the Kurdistan Regional Council of Ministers in Arbil


Police arrested Kalar district director NRT, and released him after one day, against financial bail


The head of the Research and Information Organization (Standar), Massoud Abdul Khaliq, was arrested in Erbil and released on bail to end  his announcement of the closure of his institution


Police in Dohuk province arrested the crew of the NRT channel and seized its press equipment while covering a gathering in front of Dohuk court for a number of relatives of prisoners demanding the release of their loved ones because their cases were resolved through tribal reconciliation


The correspondent of the Asian channel in Dhi Qar Saad al-Rikabi for custody by a security force inside the hospital in the province during the coverage of bombings and then the confiscation of his belongings


a security force arrested Al-Ghad satellite channel correspondent Omar Al-Muniri and the channel’s photographer Mohammed Zia in one of the streets of Arbil


Al-Asaish Kurdish forces released Al-Ghad satellite channel correspondent Suhaib Ali  Al-Fahdawi, hours after his abduction, at the main checkpoint between Arbil and Kirkuk, when he was returning from covering events in the city


Al-Asayyish arrested Al-Taejri TV channel reporter Ali al-Tuwaijri and the photographer of the Asian channel Mohammed Ghulam after beating him and smashing his camera while covering a conference of the Change Party in Sulaymaniyah







Assault and confiscation of equipment  :


The correspondent and the photographer of space KNN (Devan Harki) in the district of Bardrsh of the province of Dohuk blows and verbal abuse by a member of the security apparatus in the Kurdistan region during the performance of their media and prepare a report on the financial crisis experienced by the Kurdistan region and its effects On the judiciary


Gunmen attack the Karouan Haji Shammu, a reporter for the Afro News and Sawt al-Lash newspapers, in the Baadri district of Duhok governorate. He was beaten and verbally abused for publishing his criticism of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) .


The correspondent of the satellite (Kol Kurdistan) “Bam Shikhani” for an assassination incident by shooting in the area of ​​Karamian in Khanaqin.


NRT staff consisting of reporter Wael Mazen Sahib and photographer Noureddine Saad Abdel Meguid transferred to Al-Kindi Hospital after being severely beaten by elements of the 11 th Division while covering the Nahdha explosion .


Al-Badran Radio correspondent in Basra, Ali al-Badran, used various security measures to cover an explosion targeting a liquor store in Bashar Street in the old Basra area .


Security forces beat the correspondent of “Radio Marbid” colleague Ali Badran while covering a security breach in Basra .


The staff of Al-Rasheed channel and a group of medical cadres and citizens were protected by the Minister of Defense Irfan Al-Hayali while he was in the medical city of Baghdad on an inspection visit to the hospital .


Security forces beat the journalist of Alsumaria TV Channel Ali al-Aboudi during demonstrations in Wasit .


The staff of NRT in Baghdad, correspondent Ahmed Rikabi, and photographer Hussein Ammar was beaten by security forces that tried to prevent them by force to cover the explosion of Karrada .


The correspondent of KNN satellite channel (Difaa Harki) was beaten and insulted after being attacked by cadres of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) in Qalqji district of the Sheikhan district in Duhok governorate. He was covered by a demonstration in the area .


The Director General of Evaluation and Examinations at the Ministry of Education, Shaker Nima and his protection, attacked the first track team while covering the objections of students and their parents about the results of the cases of failure in the exams for the end of the current year .


A number of satellite channel crews (Al-Ahed-Al-Gadeer-Al-Najeeb-NRT-NRT) were insulted, harassed and prevented while performing their duties in the Sunni area of ​​Diwaniyah by a group claiming to be members of the popular crowd .


Peshmerga forces Al-Ahed satellite channel reporter Saif Rida to leave Kirkuk because of his opposition to the referendum.


NRT correspondent in Karbala (Haider Hadi) was attacked by a traffic detachment in addition to the joint forces and held for several hours.


The NRT crew in Erbil was attacked by the Kurdish security forces while covering the return of displaced people from Erbil to Kirkuk several days ago.


Al-Marbad correspondent in Basra, Ahmad Najah, was beaten and threatened with death by a member of the Basra hospital while covering a demonstration of health workers .


A force from the Third Emergency Regiment attacked the staff of Al-Mawqaf satellite channel from correspondent Hasan Hadi, Egypt (Haidar Mohammad) and assistant photographer (Safaa Khalaf) while covering the events of the Shorja fire in Baghdad.


مراسل nrt وائل صاحب بعد تعرضه للضرب من قبل قوة امنية ببغداد






Prevent journalists from performing their duties :


Security forces prevented the channels (range, Sumerian, Tigris, Iraqi event) space and other means of covering demonstrations and sit-ins that took place in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad.


Preventing the media from entering the hearing of the governor of Baghdad Ali al-Tamimi for two hours, before intervening some members of the provincial council to enter them.


Hasan Hanzal al-Nassar, the Middle East correspondent, was prevented from entering parliament by order of parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri “for personal reasons.”


A member of the local police in Muthanna province prevents NRT reporter from filming in front of Al Hussein Educational Hospital.


Security forces prevented the correspondent of the Turkish channel “One Wave” Fouad Al-Hilfi from covering the explosion of improvised explosive devices in Basra.


The NRT crew in Erbil was prevented from filming while preparing a report on a case of theft of a number of Bengal workers in the city, and the seizure of the crew equipment by security personnel. After the channel team was detained, they scanned all the pictures and video clips And then released by a suffocating security center in the city’s Citakan neighborhood.


Prevent the correspondent of the channel “here Baghdad” Forget Yusuf filming at the site of demonstrations in the Freedom Square in central Baghdad.


Prevent elements of the protection of Prime Minister Haider Abadi, journalists in Karbala coverage of his visit to the province, and the journalists there is a case of assaults by raising the votes and pulling one of the photographers and prevent him from entering the housing area during a meeting between the Prime Minister and the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr, Roudao satellite photographer Ali Alousi.


The Presidency of the Kurdistan Region prohibits three satellite channels from covering the meeting of the President of the Region with the Supreme Committee for Referendum (Payam, KNN, and NRT).


Protection of Prime Minister Haider Abadi prevented journalists from covering a conference in Babylon.


The crew of the Tigris channel was prevented from filming at Ben Ghazwan Hospital in central Basra on the pretext of the lack of authorization to allow them to cover.


The federal police forces prevented the correspondent of the channel (here Baghdad), a colleague Ahmed al-Haj, yesterday, from covering the protest to the owners of night clubs in central Baghdad, and live on the air


The forces of the window in Arbil blocked the channel of the Tigris satellite coverage in Arbil, and ordered the broadcasters to prevent broadcasting to the office of the channel in Baghdad.


Prevent the Karbala provincial council, the media coverage of its meeting, which includes questioning the head of the intelligence service in the province against the backdrop of the bombing of Ain-dates for the fifth time in a row, which prevents the media coverage of the meetings.


The federal police forces in the province of Diwaniyah and University Security in the University of Qadisiyah in the province prevented a number of correspondents from the electronic media and radio stations from covering a demonstration of the faculty inside the university on the morning of the university.


Prevent elements of the protection of Prime Minister Haider Abadi journalists from covering his visit to the province of Dhi Qar.


A group of satellite channel reporters in the province of Karbala expressed their resentment and condemnation of the selectivity of the province to attend the media to cover the conference on the visit of Ashura




  • Black Kurdistan Week


The Kurdistan region witnessed an unprecedented setback to the freedom of press and expression. The security forces committed dozens of flagrant violations of the constitution, the unjustified closure of some media outlets, the issuance of arrest warrants against a number of journalists and the equipment of several press crews.


NRT Channel Group

1- On 18-12-2017, correspondent of NRT satellite channel Awat Mahmoud on Mulawi Street in Sulaymaniyah city with channel cameraman Jalal Rahman presented a direct target of tear gas to prevent them from broadcasting live protests-

2-On 18-12-2017, correspondent of NRT TV channel Tarzan Tarzan on Mulawi Street in Sulaymaniyah city was also shown with the channel’s cameraman Jalal Rahman to attack them by tear gas as well. On the same day (19th), the same crew was prevented from performing their duties on The hands of the security forces, and expelled from the scene of the protests

3-NRT satellite reporter Zalah Muhammad and the photographer Ribaz Ibrahim on 18-12-2017 were attacked by the PUK armed forces and a number of party supporters in Sulaymaniyah’s Permkurun district. They were prevented from covering popular protests demanding services and late salaries , As the colleague Zalah confirmed that she was insulted by the attackers with bad words.

4-At 19:00 on 19-12-2017, a force of more than 100 security personnel attacked the NRT group of the Nalia Media Foundation in the city of Sulaymaniyah and forced the workers to stay in the building. They destroyed and damaged many of the organization’s facilities, The NRT, NRT2, and NRT Arab TV channels are being harassed by the authorities in the region following the rejection by the former owner and head of the Nui movement, Chaswar Abdul Wahid, of the referendum held in the region on 25 From last September, prompting the authorities to send a group of people belonging to the goat The Kurdistan Democratic Party, to attack the NRT office in Erbil, and most of its contents looted, and on 16 October.

5-The other day to break into the group of channels NRT ordered the authorities of Sulaymaniyah blocked websites for a week.

6-On 19-12-2017, NRT TV reporter Awat Mahmoud and photographer Jalal Rahman were seen in front of the Education Directorate building in Sulaymaniyah city. They were attacked by the security forces and forced to leave the site, which witnessed a gathering of employees protesting the non-payment of salaries.

7-On 19-12-2017, NRT satellite reporters Hankao Mohammed and Kiwan Abu Bakr in Rania district of the Rabrin administration in Sulaymaniyah province were attacked and beaten by unknown gunmen. The attackers tried to break the camera and other equipment, while the crew Was attacked by a number of demonstrators during the burning of a number of party headquarters in Rania, and prevented them from covering and filming scenes of burning headquarters. On the same day, the crew was attacked by the relatives of the victims of the demonstrations in the Rania district hospital and prevented from covering them.

8-Also on 19-12-2017, security forces arrested NRT correspondent Karzan Tariq and Jalal Rahman in front of Sulaymaniyah International Airport while covering the arrest of Abdul Wahid Sashwar at the airport.

9-On 19-12-2017, NRT satellite channel reporter Zalah Muhammad and the channel’s photographer Malband Salar were attacked by the Asayish forces while they were in front of the Grand Mosque in Sulaymaniyah. They were injured as a result of firing tear gas canisters at them.

10-On the same day, NRT correspondent in the Kfri district of the Karamian district of Sulaymaniyah received a direct and explicit threat of kidnapping or beatings by the PUK security forces while filming the demonstrations in his mobile phone.

11-On 19-12-2017, the crew of the NRT satellite channel, consisting of reporter Hersh Kader and photographer Mohammad Idris in Taq Taq district of Quesengjak district in Arbil, threatened to hit them and break their equipment and the necessary tools in their work if they did not leave the scene of the demonstration.

12-On the same day, reporter Hersh Qadir was beaten and cursed by a security force at 4 pm, when he arrived at the large market in Sulaymaniyah. He was arrested for about half an hour before being released in exchange for signing a pledge to return to Arbil.

13-On 19-12-2017 the reporter of NRT satellite channel in the district of Quesengq Khalid Mohammed was attacked by security forces east of Erbil in the city. They stopped the live broadcast of the channel at 12 noon while covering a demonstration demanding the payment of salaries of the employees and improving services in the region. The attacking force took over all the press equipment of Khaled’s colleague, which cut off the live broadcast of the channel. They detained the channel’s correspondent for several minutes, but the demonstrators intervened and released his seized instruments. On the same day, at 3 pm, Khaled Mohammed, the press freedom association, was informed of the arrest warrant, which led him to leave the judiciary. He has not yet returned to him and is currently living in difficult circumstances.

14-On 20-12-2017 security forces stationed in the control of the entrance to the district of Rawanduz in Erbil province correspondent NRT satellite channel Abdo Rostai from entering the city after the outbreak of demonstrations in the judiciary, and then chose the reporter another way to enter the city, but the forces located near the demonstration Prevented him from performing his functions

15-  On 20-12-2017 the correspondent of NRT satellite channel in the province of Halabja, colleague and colleague Rima Hama Karim and cameraman Ziar Kamili was attacked by two security agents from the protection of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan. They broke the channel camera and subjected them to various kinds of insults and insults. Colleagues said the Halabja police spokesman told them that they were not responsible for the safety of staff at NRT’s satellite office.

16-On the same day, Kurdish security forces arrested the director of NRT’s office in the United States, Sarkot Shamseddin, and was released after two days in prison for unknown reasons.

17-On 22-12-2017, the editor of the NRT satellite, Bahoz Nasruddin, was arrested by security forces in his home and was not released until the time of writing.

18-At 4 pm on 25-12-2017, a photographer of NRT satellite channel in the city of Sulaymaniyah Afar Hamid was arrested by the security forces, where his colleagues attributed his arrest to a campaign of qualifiers and arrests of several journalists working for ANT. He was not released until the moment Write the report.

19-Today 25-12 arrested a power of Asayish at eight o’clock at night Director of the Department of Digital Media, which oversees the website of the NRT channel colleague Suhaib Sheikh Ahmed Kaka, under a court order issued against him previously

20-  On the same evening, journalist Khubat Nozad, director of the channel “Cordnose”, was arrested and is scheduled to open in early 2018. He was not released until the time of writing.



KNN channel

21-The correspondent of KNN satellite channel in Quesengjq district, Ari Saber, and Channel Photographer Dana Jalal, were subjected to two separate attacks by the security forces and demonstrators, and prevented from filming and covering the demonstrations that took place on the morning of 19/12-2017 in the judiciary. Al-Jazeera satellite channel, and Tkbaid space losses estimated at 7 million dinars, and said Ari Saber that he can no longer exercise his functions in the judiciary, in addition to the issuance of an arrest warrant, on charges of incitement to sabotage.

The correspondent of KNN satellite channel in the district of Chamchamal, Sulaymaniyah province, Ari Luqman, and photographer Heman Ahmed, at 4 pm on 19-12-2017, was attacked by the security forces with tear gas in the market of the Great Judiciary. The next day, The same crew was exposed by some of the demonstrators, who threw stones at them and fired with live ammunition, and their escape from the bullets led to minor injuries, as a result of the rapid escape and hiding behind the walls. My colleague Ari assured the Press Freedom Association that he had left his city because of pressure on him and his pursuit by the security forces.

22-On 19-12-2-17, Abu Bakr Hussein, correspondent of KNN satellite channel in the district of Sayed Sadiq, Sulaymaniyah province, was beaten by a large security force in the Martyr Briar Street in the district. He was subjected to various forms of insults and insults. They detained him from one o’clock At noon until 4 pm at the Directorate of Security in the judiciary, and released him after writing down his personal information and place of residence.

23- On 19-12-2017, KNN correspondent Juman Othman and his photographer Issa San Ahmed were subjected to humiliation and insult by the security forces. Was subjected to another separate attack during the demonstrations, when the Asayish forces raided the colleagues with batons. The crew was also subjected to a third attack by al-Asayish during the live broadcast, and they cut off the broadcast after seizing the transmitters. Juman Othman told the Association for the Defense of the Press that they can not even meet their everyday needs as a result of their stay in the homes for fear of arrest and censorship, stressing that there is a great restriction imposed by the authorities of the region against journalists.

24-On 20-12-2017 the correspondent of KNN satellite channel and photographer Ali Fuad in Kfri district of the Karamian administration in Sulaymaniyah province were subjected to two separate attacks by the security forces and demonstrators and prevented from filming and covering the demonstrations that came out in the morning.

25-On the same day, the correspondent of the KNN satellite channel in the district of Qalaat Deza of Rabirin administration in Sulaymaniyah province Saber Abdullah and the photographer Oat Omar were attacked by the Kurdish security forces and broke a number of their equipment and camera and threatened to arrest them in the event of a return to cover the demonstrations. In a statement to the Association for the Defense of the Freedom of the Press, Rapparin Range Osman said that all of the employees in the office, Rang Osman, Saber Abdullah, Awat Omar, Saman Omar and Majid Khader, were subjected to violations of various kinds. , Attack, prosecution, adding a They fear the burning of office space, and emptied devices necessary because the equipment does not cause the damage they stop work

26-On 20-12-2017, the correspondent of KNN satellite channel in the district of Penjwain, Sulaymaniyah province, Saman Hussein, and the channel’s photographer Darko Jalal were threatened by the security forces not to cover the demonstrations and protests.



Other media :

27- A group of people set fire to the Rabin local channel in the district of Rania on 19-12-2017 by some of the demonstrators, and broke and looted some of the equipment in it.

28- On the same day, a group of people burned the “Mashkhalan” and “Al Ittihad” radio stations in Rania district also by unknown persons, and they broke down and destroyed their contents.

29- On the same day, the correspondent of Payam TV in Sulaymaniyah Jalal Mohammed and the channel’s photographer Nozad Ahmed confiscated the equipment of the live broadcast by security forces while covering the demonstrations that took place in the city on 19-12-2017. , And the camera, threatening them with detention and detention.

30- On 19-12-2017, the correspondent of SPEDA satellite channel in the district of Quesengj, colleague Madh Jamal Taha and the photographer of the channel Ardalan Rasool Mahmoud, was attacked by demonstrators and prevented the crew from covering the protests.

31- The correspondent of the Kirkuk satellite channel Karwan Nazim Khurshid in the district of Koissanjak on 19/12-2017 was prevented from covering the demonstrations that started in the judiciary, especially by the angry demonstrators, and also by the security forces. Karwan confirmed that he was unable to work because Journalists were targeted in the street by security forces at times, and other protesters.



  • The legislative environment, the most difficult challenge


The legislative environment for journalists in Iraq represents the most difficult challenge, especially after the cancellation of the publishing court on April 25, 2017, which constitutes a danger to the journalist’s duties.

According to the Iraqi constitution, the arrest of a journalist in the case of an ordinary publication is a clear constitutional violation and does not comply with Article 38 of the Constitution, which guarantees press and media work and freedom of expression by all available means, especially since the judiciary still operates under Iraqi laws inherited from the regime The former dictator, which is incompatible with the spirit and substance of the Constitution.

Despite the difficulty in limiting invitations to journalists throughout Iraq, preliminary indications and estimates of lawyers working in many courts confirm that media and publication cases have reached their peak since 2003.

The House of Representatives has yet to meet its international obligations regarding the amendment of the “Journalists’ Rights” Law, despite the preparation of the draft amendment by the Culture and Information Committee, as well as the legislation and laws inherited from the dictatorship that are incompatible with the current democratic system

1- Iraqi Penal Code 111 of 1969 (articles of publishing crimes)

2- The Publications Law No. 206 of 1968

3- Law of the Ministry of Information for the year 2001

4- Law on censorship of works and films No. 64 of 1973

In addition to these laws, Coalition Provisional Authority Order No. 14 of 2003 concerning the prohibited media activity, which gives the Prime Minister the power to close any media outlet and confiscate its equipment and money, and even to imprison workers.

It is noteworthy that these inherited laws allow the government not only to monitor the media, interfere with its editorial policy, and even nationalize the media and newspapers, especially since the inherited laws do not allow private and independent media and explicitly states that all media and newspapers must be state owned.

It should be recalled that all the above-mentioned laws contradict in one way or another with the permanent Iraqi constitution, especially Article 38 on freedom of the press, media, advertising and publication, and freedom of expression


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