“Baghdad Alyoum” Agency Manager threatened on the background of document disclosure

Baghdad Alyoum received clear threats of being targeted on the background of exposing documents that accuse a private Iraqi Bank of monetary smuggling and manipulation.

Dr. Nabil Jasim, THE Manager of the Agency said that the agency had received threats via its pages on social media and a number of fake accounts but they were considered not serious. But then he received a phone call from an anonymous person that carried a high heavy- toned threat promising to destroy him after he showed sufficient knowledge of his home, work and moves. The agency has published more than 20 documents that confirm the engagement of the private bank in smuggling foreign currency after being granted the monetary auction by Central Bank of Iraq.

At the time that Press Freedom Advocacy Association condemns this serious threat it expresses its full support for Baghdad news Agency and its manager Nabil Jasim, it considers this threat as a new and serious violation in the field of freedom of expression and an additional limitation imposed on the shrinking area that is left for journalism in the country. The association considers the abovementioned a dire violation of the Iraqi constitution and related law. The association demands that the Prime Minister, being the commander in Chief of armed forces to direct his security forces to track down the perpetrator especially that the agency published his number and time of contact. The association holds the security side full responsibility concerning the safety of Mr. Jasim and his family and all the members of staff working in the agency. The association calls that Baghdad security operations provides security for the agency and its Manager.

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