Almada attacked by anonymous guerrilla

Anonymous insurgents attacked the cadre of the entertaining show (Let’s play) that is broadcasted by Almada satellite channel from one of Baghdad’s districts. The channel reported to Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq that the staff was in the process of shooting a new episode at the western part of Baghdad in an area called alToubchi, last Sunday. The team was accompanied with a number of the area’s security forces. It was noticed that a person was sending children to act aggressively and use abusive phrases in order to obstruct filming the episode.They added that they tried to keep the children away and to talk with the person who was sending them who was known by ( Abbas Halawa). The security forces withdrew immediately excusing themselves that they hold no authority to protect them. Then a number of Halawa’s guerrilla approached the filming site, along with their clubs, knives and guns. The young presenter Hind Nazar was grabbed and took away by force. On tape it appeared that the staff was subjected to various kinds of abuse and security forces were despised.

The interference of the residents at that area and time was the only savior to release the cadre from this aggressive confinement. It is to be noticed that alMada workers in alToubchi area continue to receive threats till this moment.
At the time that the Association condemns the negative attitude of the security forces by clearly abandoning their responsibilities, and holds the security chief commander the responsibility of securing the safety of media personnel in an area dominated by guerrillas. The association demands arresting Abbas Halawa and exposing the side he represents in order to ensure a certain security level in the area to form an accepted environment for media workers to perform.

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