Journalists banned from coverage and AP correspondent attacked in Basra

Anti-riot forces in Basra banned a number of media channels from covering the demonstrations that started from Alashar area and attacked AP correspondent, Haider Aljourany this Tuesday.

Aljourany told Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq that he and the rest of his colleagues were prevented from covering the aggressions that the protestors endured today in Alashar area in Basra. He added that he was surprised to be forced back by members of the anti-riot forces  as they confiscated his equipment leading to their damage and he was forced to hand over the memory ; his belongings weren’t returned until the interference by other officers on site.

Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq condemns the attacks that our colleagues have sustained in Basra since these incidents recorded a rise in the province especially those related to the protests and carried out by security forces that aren’t deployed according to the orders of operations in command that aim to deliberately obstruct such prohibition. The Association demands that Basra Operations in Command and Governor issue their related orders and hold any obstructing individual responsible for these impediments.

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