Kurdistan 24 TV reporter verbally attacked while covering protest in Sulaimaniyah


Kurdistan 24 correspondent Hashe Ghafoor, in Sulaimaniyah, was verbally attacked while covering a demonstration launched yesterday in Sulaimaniyah to denounce the Turkish attack on northern Syria.

Hashe , in a statement made for the Press Freedom Association in Iraq said “during her coverage on Saturday for a demonstration organized by several civil society organizations and personalities to condemn the Turkish attack on areas controlled by the SDF in Syria. thedemonstration included all factions and was intended to start from the Azadi Park in Sulaimaniyah, but I was surprised to be attacked by the writer (Mustafa Hassan Kauera) and he insulted me and the channel in which I work with all kinds of profanity insults without justification!”

The Association condemns the unjustified verbal attack on colleague Hashe Ghafoor, and calls on the official authorities to follow up on the incident and hold the defendant (Mustafa Hassan Kauera) accountable and control the involvementof media workers within political issues.

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