Journalists expelled from protest square in Muthanna


A group of protesters in Muthanna expelled the cadres of Al-Iraqiya and Al-Ahd channels, preventing them from covering the events taking place on site.

Al-Iraqiya TV reporter Ali Karim told Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq that he and Cameraman Malik al-Kifai and the staff of Al-Ahd TV were on a journalistic mission to cover the community events held in the protest squares, but a protester approached them with insults and slander and prevented them from coverage.

Ali said they had to leave after the same person asked them to leave immediately.

Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq calls on protesters and the general public to allow all journalists to cover events held on the grounds of demonstrations, otherwise it is a constitutional violation that reflects a negative image of the protesters.

The association calls that media professionals be allowed to perform their journalistic duties in covering the events that is constitutionally secured.

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