Basra University bans Al-Marbad radio from coverage


The security of Basra University (Al-Zubair College Complex) denies radio reporter Ali Mohsen entrance to cover a theatrical activity held by its students on Sunday morning on campus.

“Students at Basra University have invited the media to cover a theatrical activity under the slogan “Be With the Revolution,” said Haidar al-Muzani, a fellow of Radio Marbad.

“University security prevented our correspondent Ali Mohsen from entering and covering the event,” he said.

Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq renews its condemnation of the media’s denial of access to events’ sites and considers it a violation of press freedom and a restriction on freedom of expression and the right to information access.

The association calls on the relevant authorities in universities and state institutions to change the arbitrary methods of dealing with the press and media in Iraq.

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