On Duty Media worker kidnapped in Duhok


William Benjamin Adam, known as Khalabeel, was kidnapped a few days ago while returning from Syria to Dohuk.

“The arrest of colleague William Benjamin was the result of his political atitudes, and he held the authorities in the region fully responsible for the arbitrary behavior of the Chaldean activists and demanded his release,” MP Joseph Salhiwa said.

On a related levelm Abnaa Alieaq party declared ” Binyamin was on a media mission and was kidnapped on his way back from Syria to Dohuk by the security authorities in the province, and the party expressed its fear that this issue will be exploited by the authorities to avenge it because of his previous attitude; rejecting the policies of the authority in the region, and holding the party responsible for the territorial government’s safety and the need for his release”.

Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq strongly condemns the kidnapping of colleague William Benjamin and calls on the authorities to work for his release. The association also calls on the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to protect journalists and hold accountable those who violate their rights and violate press freedoms.

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