Missile targeting a media company Hosting Arab and Foreign Satellite Offices in Baghdad


A media company hosting Arab and foreign satellite offices in Karrada, central Baghdad, was hit by a rocket attack on Sunday evening.

“The Arab television office was hit this evening by a rocket attack on the building, which houses several media offices, which injured a broadcast engineer, and caused serious material damage,” said Tarek Maher, a fellow Arab television correspondent, in a statement for Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq.

The Association says that the continued targeting of the media institutions represents one of the most serious violations Iraq which has been witnessed since the outbreak of protests in October, and seeks to muzzle the mouths and shut down various media outlets.

The association, while wishing safety for the broadcast engineer, calls on the government to disclose who targeted the company, and considers not doing so a continuation of the procrastination of investigations and cover-up sought by those who target journalists and media in the country.

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