Banning press coverage and photography in demonstration squares threatens security


The Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq warns that non-governmental groups are preventing photographers and journalists from carrying out their duties in protest fields, in conjunction with violence in these areas.

As a result of the continued repression of the press and media by armed groups or protest groups, after the dangerous precedent in Baghdad, the storming and closing a group of media outlets, many media bodies are forced to use videos of activists.

The Media and Communications Commissionhas also issued orders to shut down 19 media outlets, which led to the departure of most of the press and media staff from Baghdad and the rest of the central and southern provinces.

For its part, The Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq condemns the violations in all its forms, which have affected Iraqi journalists since the beginning of the October demonstrations, amid suspicious government silence.

It also warns of the possibility of escalating violence inside the demonstration grounds as a result of the absence of the regulator thatcontrols the rhythm of the squares, in addition to preventing groups of photography even with mobile devices by several sides inside the demonstration grounds. 

The Association calls on international organizations and stakeholders to intervene to prevent Iraq’s media isolation from the world and to deny the right to express the opinion guaranteed in all international conventions as well as the Iraqi Constitution itself.

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