Malwiya Channel Director Physically attacked by Security Forces in Samaraa


Security forces severely attacked Mohammed Qadir Al-Samarrai,  Director of Almalwiya channel in Samaraa , Tuesday morning

Alsamaraai told Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq that as he was heading to work, a police force attacked him and severely beaten him with the heads of their weapons leaving him with an injured head and abdomen that led to a deep coma. He was transferred to the hospital for medication. He added that he had shown them his permit and IDs

Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq wishes a hasten recovery to Mohammed Al-Samaraai, and holds the Iraqi government full responsibility of the brutal actions that the journalists and media workers are subjected to in Iraq by the security forces. The association demands that the Ministry of interior exposes a relevant explanation concerning the recent violations against journalists in the country, in spite of them being totally exempted from the stronghold of the curfew. it also reminds again of the importance of adhering with the laws that are securing press freedom and prohibits, at the same time, any kind of violation

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